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Innovation Occasionally in my business dealings I come across an individual with exceptional talent and innovation.+Mark King is one of those people.You have got to check out his Ted Talk Below where he talks about building an electric car while in High School.

It’s this level of motivation to get out there and make something that I fear we are losing in this country.I have made it my goals as a public school worker to inspire young people to accomplish extravagant goals and to set high expectations.

I have also joined with Mark in promoting his newest project (The Trayvax Wallet for life).I would encourage everyone to visit his website at and pick up a wallet.These wallets not only amazing but they go to the bigger cause of helping to fund his not-for-profit venture “Water Core”.Mark building a product that will help distribute clean and healthy water to Africa and other countries that don’t have access to this precious resource that we take advantage of. Thanks for …

Arduino Christmas lights

Arduino Lights to Music IntroThis will show you how to build a lights-to-music controller using an “Ardunio” micro-controller.You will need a windows computer to run “Vixen” the free software program to make the lights turn off and on, and you will need either a PC or a Mac to run the Arduino programing program. Here’s what you need (Basic Design)Arduino:$24.00

BreadBoard: $12.95
LED Lights $7.89 for 60 (make sure they come with resistors)
Jumper Wires…

Virtual Servers - 3

Intro This blog has a lot of information.  Please note that it is not "All inclusive" but rather a guideline.  If you feel I have left something out and would like me to modify it to reflect "more accurate" information please leave me a comment and I will update as needed.  I am working through this process for the first time so I hope we can all learn together!      Setting up PowerConnect 6224 Switches Console setup Connect your console cable and use putty or some other terminal program to console in using the same configuration ans the EqualLogic putty settings below.

Once you have setup the ip address on the switch you need to decide how you would like to stack them. You can use LAG port aggregation or the stacking module on the back of the switch if its available.

I chose Link aggregation and rather than re-inventing the wheel here is a great document on dell on how to do that Commands enable configure ip address username s…

Virtual Servers - 2

INTRO This is the actual setup and install of the 3 Dell servers some terminology used may only apply to the Dell products listed in my Virtual Servers - 1 post.

SERVER SETUP  Port setup and configuration:1 Ethernet port needs to be set as the DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller).  This will serve as a remote management port for troubleshooting the server.  This can be setup in the bios upon system book.  Essentially you just choose which port will be the DRAC and then connect it to your primary switch.1 Ethernet port is needed to serve as the primary connection to the networkall remaining ports (6) are plugged into the switches.  I will be staggering them 3 on one switch and 3 on the other.  Server install and setup Installing server 2012 Data-center is a little different than 2008 R2 so I may have to go back and adjust this post.  During the install you have 2 options, Core mode or GUI mode.  I chose to set them all up in GUI mode because it can be removed at any time and i…

Virtual Servers - 1

Virtual environments have intrigued me for the last 5 - 7 years so I decided to look into virtualizing servers.  This turned out to be a much more difficult choice than I first anticipated.  Many factors had to be considered including but not limited to:

Server ProviderSAN providerIn-Lin SAS drives vs standard SAS drivesNumber of switches to use and what typeand the BIG one vmWare or the new Hyper-v 2012 With much deliberation and hours of conversations with vmWare and Microsoft coupled with extensive communication with people already using those products, I ultimately chose the Hyper-V option.  I honestly just could not get past the "free" part, and the advancements made by Microsoft are so phenomenal I just could not see vmWare being worth the price tag.   Before I go on let me say that this is not a cheap project by any means, but I believe in the long run I will see a great amount of savings and my server room will be much more efficient.  With quotes from many…