Occasionally in my business dealings I come across an individual with exceptional talent and innovation. +Mark King  is one of those people.  You have got to check out his Ted Talk Below where he talks about building an electric car while in High School.

 It’s this level of motivation to get out there and make something that I fear we are losing in this country.  I have made it my goals as a public school worker to inspire young people to accomplish extravagant goals and to set high expectations.

I have also joined with Mark in promoting his newest project (The Trayvax Wallet for life).  I would encourage everyone to visit his website at and pick up a wallet.  These wallets not only amazing but they go to the bigger cause of helping to fund his not-for-profit venture “Water Core”.  Mark building a product that will help distribute clean and healthy water to Africa and other countries that don’t have access to this precious resource that we take advantage of.
Thanks for reading, and hey GET OUT THERE AND MAKE SOMETHING!


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