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Google Certified Educator

Its 2:00am and I just completed my Google Educator Certification.  I have been running Google Apps for Education in my School for the last 5 years and have used Google products like Gmail, Calendar, and Apps since their BETA days so it was not the most difficult cert I have ever attempted but it did present some challenges.  
What I love about Google is that they pretty much standardized the user experience through all their products so even if you have not personally used a product such as "Sites" you can still navigate through it based on experience with Gmail or Drive.  
The certification requires some time even for a strong Google user.  There are a lot of things that you probably do or have done that you don't have stored in your permanent memory banks.  I recommend taking the time to read through the lessons and watch the videos provided by the training courses.  It also helps to have a dual screen monitor so you can have the applications up as you are taking the e…

Technology Integration in K-12 Instruction

INTRODUCTION A cloud of axioms surrounds the gamut of modern K-12 instruction with the focus on technology and integration of technologies into education.Buzz words like “One to One”, “BYOD” and “Student Centric Learning” permeate the fabric of educational institutions and governances, prompting the need for expanded pedagogical knowledge on the part of teachers and school administrators in order to better facilitate a growing technological culture (Donovan, Green, Hansen, 2011; Leer, Ivanov, 2013).This technology explosion, while providing expansive benefits and opportunities, is not without its barriers, dangers, and even difficulties.Often, because of the enormous push to facilitate new and emerging technologies, educators are left with a high level of apprehension due to the lack of professional development, technical support, and initial cognizant knowledge of these new devices or applications (Pritchett, Pritchett, Wohleb, 2013). Gordon Moore predicted in 1965 that the speed and …

KeoFlex PHP Tutorial 13/13 - Final Solution

Try this yourself before watching the video In this challenge we need to make a program for a task list. This list should be an array of 3 task locations including

At Home, At Store, and At Work

Each on of these should have a value that is an array of several items. This will require a nested foreach loop. This will be difficult but try your best before watching the solution video. This array will be a "Multidimensional Associative Array".

When looping through the Task locations echo them as an HTML h1

Your result should look like:

At Home

At Store

At Work
change computer password
copy folder 1

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KeoFlex PHP Tutorial 7/13 - Challenge

INSTRUCTIONS We have a come a long way and covered a lot of material. On your own try to create a program that does the following.

Create 4 variables three of which are numeric and 1 which is text
The text variable will be your name
The first number variable will be your year of birth
the second number variable will be the current year.
Use PHP math to find out how old your are based on your year of birth and the current year. Set this as the value for the third numeric veritable.

Finally wrap things up by displaying an output on screen that says "My name is XXXXX and I am YYYYY years old. Replacing the XXXXX with your name and YYYYY with how old you are.

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Restore discolored pictue

IOS App development

I just released my first two apps on the Apple App Store.  I decided I would build one from scratch and the other do a re-skin of a popular app.

The first one I built from scratch was "Flappin Dragon".  This is essentially a "Flappy Birds" Clone.  To be honest the basic design of this game was not near as difficult as I anticipated (Look for my full video walk-through later).  I did however learn a few lessons with this one:
ALWAYS import external frameworks into your project.  Do test and when done testing test a few more times.Sometimes you have to contact iAd Apple support to get your Ads running. My first mistake was to download my "Ad frameworks" and just link them to my project.  However if you ever move or even make certain changes to the project you get a Match-O-Link error.  This literally took me hours to figure out.  My project would work great and then suddenly I was getting tons of warnings and errors.  For a good tutorial see my last post o…

Adding Flurry, Revmob and AppLovin to IOS App

Raspberry Pi (You need one!) I recently attended a conference on a product called Raspberry Pi.  This amazing little gadget is simply amazing.  So what is a Raspberry Pi?  Essentially it is a complete computer system that fits in the palm of your hand.  It supports the following components directly on the device: HDMI outComposite  video outAudio out2 X USB1 X Micro USB (for power)SD Card reader (Used as the hard drive) After getting your Pi you will also want to pick up a 16+GB SD card so you can run NOOBs This is a set of Linux based operating systems that essentially make it possible to do almost anything with your Pi.  For instance you can install XMC (XBox Media Center -not to be confused with Microsofts XBox game console) and run a movie and MP3 streaming service inside your house.  I also have a friend that took his Raspberry Pi and is automating his home.  The possibilities are endless.  You can pick up a pie from  Also check out my initial instruction video on …
"Bing Bot" Made with AutoIT So it seems Bing in their desperate attempt to take on the Google Goliath is now bribing people to use their search service.  To be honest I have used Bing for the past 6 months and am less than impressed!  In fact the only reason I actually go to Bing is to bet my daily bribe of 15 searching, so I can continue to rack up Bing rewards points. With that said some of you might find it interesting to know there are several "Bing Bots" out there that essentially run searches for you.  While I can't condone or approve of their usage considering it is a bit of a digital gray line (Unless you read Microsofts EULA, but who reads those anyway LOL).  I for one wanted to see if it was possible.  So I downloaded my old friend (AutoIT) and wrote a loop and cycles through your browser searching Bing 30 times.  I have included the link below (USE FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY).

You must have Google Chrome installed, and you must set new tabs to load Bin…