Raspberry Pi (You need one!)

I recently attended a conference on a product called Raspberry Pi.  This amazing little gadget is simply amazing.  So what is a Raspberry Pi?  Essentially it is a complete computer system that fits in the palm of your hand.  It supports the following components directly on the device:
  1. HDMI out
  2. Composite  video out
  3. Audio out
  4. 2 X USB
  5. 1 X Micro USB (for power)
  6. SD Card reader (Used as the hard drive)
After getting your Pi you will also want to pick up a 16+GB SD card so you can run NOOBs This is a set of Linux based operating systems that essentially make it possible to do almost anything with your Pi.  For instance you can install XMC (XBox Media Center -not to be confused with Microsofts XBox game console) and run a movie and MP3 streaming service inside your house.  I also have a friend that took his Raspberry Pi and is automating his home.  The possibilities are endless.  You can pick up a pie from Element14.com.  Also check out my initial instruction video on how to configure your Pi out of Box.

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