"Bing Bot" Made with AutoIT

So it seems Bing in their desperate attempt to take on the Google Goliath is now bribing people to use their search service.  To be honest I have used Bing for the past 6 months and am less than impressed!  In fact the only reason I actually go to Bing is to bet my daily bribe of 15 searching, so I can continue to rack up Bing rewards points. With that said some of you might find it interesting to know there are several "Bing Bots" out there that essentially run searches for you.  While I can't condone or approve of their usage considering it is a bit of a digital gray line (Unless you read Microsofts EULA, but who reads those anyway LOL).  I for one wanted to see if it was possible.  So I downloaded my old friend (AutoIT) and wrote a loop and cycles through your browser searching Bing 30 times.  I have included the link below (USE FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY).

You must have Google Chrome installed, and you must set new tabs to load Bing.  When the application runs it loads Chrome runs a random search phrase out of a series of 3 arrays and then closes the tab and searches again.  Have fun!

I can attest that the files are safe but I make no guarantee and you should download at your own risk.
Click here to go to keoflex.com and download my script (download 7zip to extract archive)


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