IOS App development

I just released my first two apps on the Apple App Store.  I decided I would build one from scratch and the other do a re-skin of a popular app.

The first one I built from scratch was "Flappin Dragon".  This is essentially a "Flappy Birds" Clone.  To be honest the basic design of this game was not near as difficult as I anticipated (Look for my full video walk-through later).  I did however learn a few lessons with this one:
  1. ALWAYS import external frameworks into your project.  
  2. Do test and when done testing test a few more times.
  3. Sometimes you have to contact iAd Apple support to get your Ads running.
My first mistake was to download my "Ad frameworks" and just link them to my project.  However if you ever move or even make certain changes to the project you get a Match-O-Link error.  This literally took me hours to figure out.  My project would work great and then suddenly I was getting tons of warnings and errors.  For a good tutorial see my last post on adding Ad services to your iOS projects.

Second, it seems the more I play the game the more little glitches I found.  After my app was approved I immediately submitted an update to fix those glitches, then found more glitches and repeated this process about 6 times.  So a good rule of thumb is "Don't release your app until its READY".  I'm not actually the most patient person in the world so as a result forced my users to go through several updates just to get program the way I intended it.  Don't do that LOL.

I went literally weeks with no iAds showing up on my app.  My wife kept telling me to contact iAd support and see what was up but I thought it was just part of the process.  Well eventually I was fed up with it and wrote Apple.  They responded almost immediately (within 24 hours) and told me they would look into the issue.  BTW I send them screenshots of the app and code which I feel may have expedited the process.  Within a day or two my game was running beautiful ads and I was making money.  Apple has great support so don't be afraid to take advantage of it!

Check out both my apps on the App Store with the links below or by searching "Keoflex"

Also don't forget to check out my facebook page at

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