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KeoFlex PHP Tutorial 13/13 - Final Solution

Try this yourself before watching the video In this challenge we need to make a program for a task list. This list should be an array of 3 task locations including

At Home, At Store, and At Work

Each on of these should have a value that is an array of several items. This will require a nested foreach loop. This will be difficult but try your best before watching the solution video. This array will be a "Multidimensional Associative Array".

When looping through the Task locations echo them as an HTML h1

Your result should look like:

At Home

At Store

At Work
change computer password
copy folder 1

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KeoFlex PHP Tutorial 7/13 - Challenge

INSTRUCTIONS We have a come a long way and covered a lot of material. On your own try to create a program that does the following.

Create 4 variables three of which are numeric and 1 which is text
The text variable will be your name
The first number variable will be your year of birth
the second number variable will be the current year.
Use PHP math to find out how old your are based on your year of birth and the current year. Set this as the value for the third numeric veritable.

Finally wrap things up by displaying an output on screen that says "My name is XXXXX and I am YYYYY years old. Replacing the XXXXX with your name and YYYYY with how old you are.

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