Google Certified Educator

Its 2:00am and I just completed my Google Educator Certification.  I have been running Google Apps for Education in my School for the last 5 years and have used Google products like Gmail, Calendar, and Apps since their BETA days so it was not the most difficult cert I have ever attempted but it did present some challenges.  

What I love about Google is that they pretty much standardized the user experience through all their products so even if you have not personally used a product such as "Sites" you can still navigate through it based on experience with Gmail or Drive.  

The certification requires some time even for a strong Google user.  There are a lot of things that you probably do or have done that you don't have stored in your permanent memory banks.  I recommend taking the time to read through the lessons and watch the videos provided by the training courses.  It also helps to have a dual screen monitor so you can have the applications up as you are taking the exam.  This was extremely beneficial for me as I could navigate the system and find the answers most of the time.  you will also need some uninterrupted time since you only have 90 minutes to complete each of the 5 tests at 60 questions each.  I am a glutton for punishment so I just blocked out about 6 hours and pushed through.  After some eye strain and a slight migraine, I am certified.  

Even though this is by no means on par with CISCO, OSCP, Apple, or Microsoft Certs, it is still worth your time.  The business and education realms are constantly integrating Google-Based service into their organizations and the fact that you can demonstrate the skills necessary to work in that environment can only benefit you in the long run. 

Feel free to leave comments and I will answer any question about the exam and prep-time, but I will not give any questions or answers away.


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